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Caadex ltd. to build new site and create jobs!

Caadex ltd became a key employer in the area. A metal processing company located in Mindszentgodisa and Kaposszekcső, is building a new factory hall in Komló.Despite the pandemic, the company, which currently provides salary for two hundred workers, is evolving and may even create new jobs. The coronavirus epidemic has brought redundancies to most businesses and they are struggling to weather this period. Instead, Caadex Kft., Based in Mindszentgodis, focused on development and worked to develop and expand the number of its sites. In addition to the two existing plants in Mindszentgodis and Kaposszekcső, the company is building a hall of more than 6,000 square meters in the industrial park in Komló.

A modern, highly automated factory meeting the requirements of the 21st century will soon open, where machine and man can work together in harmony. - The future is moving towards increasing the automation of the product sold to increase sales per capita. Employees can do easier work and have to work less, but wages follow the pace of development, said Gábor Szanyi, CEO of Caadex Kft. They create jobs in the area. Welder, painter, machine operator, robot operator, quality controller, sales managers - these are just some of the open positions for which the company’s management is waiting for applications. There are currently open positions at all three sites - in Mindszentgodisa, Kaposszekcső and at the Komló plant under construction, where you are looking for future employees of Caadex Kft.

When managing automated machines, it is enough to have computer skills and want to work in a way that convinces the head of the company of your aptitude during the personal interview! - We procure automated machines that can provide working conditions of Western European standards, so of course there are expectations, as our employees need to learn and develop. We have the opportunity to do the same, Gábor Szanyi said. The goal of management is to give its employees a better salary than the minimum wage. As an engineer, you can earn more than 1 million gross at Caadex Kft.

You can apply with a written CV at the following contacts:


Phone: 20 9 888 880

For a detailed description of open positions, click on our company website at

They care about their collegues:The company's new factory hall now employs more than two hundred people and provides a secure livelihood. The motto of the company: if you give good, you get good. They try to pay attention to the employees and to make the employees feel comfortable and get the right human and material esteem. To this end, the executive provides ongoing training to colleagues and provides the company with opportunities for development. "Everyone is more stressful during the coronavirus epidemic, I like to make sure that my employees work so that they also have time to have coffee," said Gábor Szanyi, who added: . They supported the workers who fell ill and did not leave them at the time of the illness: they held weekly trainings, where the workers could get information about the prevention and the methods of combating the illness from their reports.

They invest into the future:The infrastructure can perfectly support production, which will allow Caddex Ltd. to triple its production in the coming years. - In the new plant in Komló, we are building a new department that can benefit the entire region. We want to create an engineering team of 15 people who deal with research and development, and in the future - in addition to our own - we would also like to help the companies in the region to win research and development tenders, said Gábor Szanyi, CEO of Caadex Kft. Development is the way of the future.

The company works with many self-developed machines, the smoothness and accuracy of the work is robotic technology allows. Mindszentgodisán is engaged in the production of steel structures and tinplate products, and in Kaposszekcső there is an automated painting plant with robots. The development of the company is dynamic, it has ensured the progress by winning several European Union tenders. The products manufactured and developed by Caadex are outstanding in the market both in Europe and worldwide. Typically produced for export, foreign companies are served by the company expanding to three sites. Foreign companies are making significant improvements in organizational culture and quality management, which is valuable on a per capita basis. Thus, development can not only be measured in wage growth, because if someone wants to move on from Caadex, they will be enriched with useful knowledge and experience.

The goal of Caadex Kft. Is to keep its employees by providing competitive wages and development opportunities, and developing / acquiring machines that can enable employees to achieve professional success.



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